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Here You Will Find The Writings Of Sound Brothers PDF Format That You Can Download And Read

By Jim Miller

New Tracts:  Clearing The Confusion
Beverage Alcohol
Bible Authority
Biblical Doctrine of Salvation by Faith – Bill Cline
Calling On The Lord’s Name
Church Of Christ – Gus Nichols
How To Understand The Bible – Noel Merideth
Is Baptism A Part Of The Gospel – Guy Woods
What Must I Do To Be Saved – Guy N Woods

Don’t forget you can pick up copies of the Journey and the Journey Continues below. These make great teaching tools and best of all are affordable. Follow Larry on his journey and help others to find Christ at the same time.

The Journey

The Journey, How Larry Became A Christian.

Paperback Click here
Kindle Version Click here

The Journey Continues
Paperback Click Here
Kindle Version Click here

Back Issues of  The Keys Of The Kingdom Click Here

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kofkV6-1    kofkV6-2      kofkV6-3    kofkV6-4     kofkV6-5      kofkV6-6         Sadly all good things come to an end and thus so do the Keys of the Kingdom. June’s issue is the last issue I may start it up again in the future in a different format but, for now we say goodbye and pray it has been of use to you.


Latest Uploads/New Material








Chapel Talks by J.W. McGarvey


Sermons by J.W. McGarvey

Sacred Didactics by J.W. McGarvey


Gospel Preacher Benjamin Franklin Volume Two

Gospel Preacher Benjamin Franklin Volume One

Evidences of Christianity by J.W. McGarvey


Commentary on Epistles of Peter, John and Jude by Guy N. Woods

Writings and Audio Concerning the David Miller Controversy on Elders and Marriage

Click Here

For the audios of the Brown Trail meeting and Miller’s views on mariage   Click Here

Foy Wallace Jr.














Gene Taylor


Roelf L. Ruffner,Sr. Past Writings Click Here


The Word is not getting out

Various Writings Of Interest


Alexander Campbell on the Influence of the Spirit – Jerry Moffitt

Baptism of Holy Spirit

Deaver Doctrine on Holy Spirit Baptism – Jerry Moffitt

Gift of the Holy Ghost – Bobby Duncan

Gospel Plan of Salvation Chapter XV – T W Brents

Holy (The) Spirit – Johnny Ramsey

Holy Spirit – Boles

Holy Spirit – Guy N WoodsHoly Spirit – Roy Lanier

Holy Spirit Baptism – A G Hobbs

Holy Spirit Baptism – J A McNutt

Holy Spirit-BPTS

Neo-Pentecostalism Fallacies – William Woodson

Operation of the Holy Spirit – F W Smith

Spirit and the Word – Z T Sweeney

Where are the tears

A Defenced City

We dont have the promise of a minute


Manuscripts Bellview Church

These are in Microsoft format

Beeville – Esther And Its Relation To God’s Eternal Purpose

Beeville – The Reigns Of Hezekiah Of Judah and Hoshea Of Israel

Bellview 1988 – Ways To Apostasy

Bellview 1996 – Preaching the Plan Of Salvation

Bellview 1997 – Moses–Great Example Of Leadership

Bellview 1998 – How To Treat The Withdrawn

Bellview 2000 – John 9 31 God Heareth Not Sinners

Bellview 2002 – Psalm 1 The Blessed Man

Bellview 2007 – Buildng Better Worship

Bellview 2008 – The New Name – Isa 62 2

Bellview 2009 – Comfort For The Afflicted

Bellview 2010 – Back To Biblical Music

Bellview 2011 – Medical Ethics

Bellview 2012 – Inspiration Of The Bible

Bellview 2013 – Special Services (Easter Christmas)

Bellview 2014 – Patriarchal Dispensation

Bellview 2014 – Worship

Bellview 2015 – The End Of The Law Of Moses

Bellview 2016 – Typology Prophet

Bellview 2017 – God Hath Spoken By His SonGǪRefuse Not Him That Spoke

Bristol 2003 – Who Dwells With God – Psalm 15

Bristol 2004 – Proverbs And The Tongue

Chattanooga 1998 – Comfort For The Afflicted

Denton 1988 – 2 Thessalonians 1 6-12

Denton 1992 – Esther1-2 Ahasuerus Rejects Vashti And Selects Esther As Queen Of Persia

Denton 1995 – Matthew 28

Denton 1996 – Answering False Doctrines on Romans

Denton 1997 – Answering False Doctrines on Ephesians

Denton 1998 – Difficult Passages from 2 Peter and Jude

Denton 1999 – John An Introduction

Denton 2000 – Paul’s Salutation and Thanksgiving – Phi 1 1-13

Denton 2001 – Paul’s Care For And Charge To Timothy – 2 Tim 1 1-18

Denton 2002 – The Twelve Sent Forth and John Is Beheaded – Mark 6 1-29

Florida School Of Preaching 2002 – Easter and Christmas Services

Jacksonville 1998 – Effects (The) Of Divorce On The Home

Jacksonville 1998 – Effects (The) Of Liberalism and Humanism on the Home

Jupiter 2001 – Because We Can Bring Joy To Others – Phi 4 10-23

Lubbock 1998 – By What Authority

Lubbock 1999 – Bible Translations

Lubbock 2005 – The Gift Of The Spirit Was The Ability To Work Miracles

Memphis 1994 – Attempts By Man To Circumvent God’s Marriage Law

Memphis 1997 – Signs And Messages Ezekiel 12-14

Memphis 1999 – Miraculous Divine Healing Today

Memphis 2001 – Genesis Archaeological Confirmation

Memphis 2003 – The Providence Of God Memphis 2004 – Confession of Sin

Memphis 2005 – What Is Man In His Relationship With God

New Braunfels 2006 – Love The Brethren (1 John 3 13-18)

New Braunfels 2007 – 3 John Introduction and Summary

Northside 2002 – Answering Denominational Doctrines Through Priesthood

Northside 2003 – Threats to the All Sufficiency of the Scriptures – Direct Operation of the Holy Spirit Northside 2003 – Threats to the All Sufficiency of the Scriptures – Erroneous Versions

Orlando 2005 – What Is The Origin Of Evil

Orlando 2006 – The Gift Of The Spirit Was The Ability To Work Miracles

Power 1998 – Personality And Divinity Of The Holy Spirit

Power 1999 – Worship (The) of the LordGÇÖs Church as God Would Have It

Power 2001 – Raising The Widows Son

Power 2003 – Reward Versus Punishment in Proverbs

Power 2005 – What The Apostles Believed About The Bible

Pulaski 1996 – Jesus our Example Leader Tempted One Overcomer

Pulaski 1996 – Wives And Mothers God Desires

Schertz 2003 – Jesus Sends The Seventy And Tells Of The Good Samaritan

Schertz 2004 – God Gives Additional Laws and Moses Ascends Sinai

Shenandoah 1991 – Remember the Sabbath Day

Shenandoah 1992 – TOTAL DEPRAVITY

Shenandoah 1993 – Some Things In Torment That Should Be In The Church

South Seminole 2013 – If The Foundations Be Destroyed

South Seminole 2016 – Is Instrumental Music Now Acceptable

South Seminole 2016 – Is It Possible To Be Overly Dependent On Grace

Southwest 1987 – 1 Peter 3 8-12 Living Righteously

Southwest 1989 – Psalms 62 Trust In God At All Times

Southwest 1989 – Psalms 63 Water For The Thirsty Soul

Southwest 1989 – Psalms 64 God’s Defense Of His Own

Southwest 1991 – Judgement And Beyond

Southwest 1992 – Numbers18 Relationship Of Levites To Priest

Southwest 1992 – Numbers19 Water Of Purification For Uncleanness

Spring 1994 – Is A Changed Church Demanded For The 21st Century

Spring 1995 – Moab’s Judgment Isaiah 15-16

Spring 1996 – Isaiah 55 Spring 1997 – Jehovah Witnesses And Premillennialism

Spring 1998 – Holy (The) Spirit Converts One To Christ By The Word Of God

Spring 1999 – Pentecostalism Undermines The Authority Of The Bible

Spring 2000 – Catholic Doctrine Of Purgatory

Spring 2001 – We Love The Mormons But Hate Their Doctrine

Spring 2002 – Baptism And Jehovah’s Witnesses

Spring 2003 – Causes Of Division In Islam Spring 2004 – Design and Purpose of the Law of Moses

Spring 2005 – Profanity And Other Abuses Of The Tongue

Spring 2006 – Anti Located Preacher Doctrine

Spring 2007 – By what Biblical Authority Does One Church Withdraw Fellowship From A Sister Congregation

Spring 2008 – Worship and Unity

Spring 2009 – The Resurrection Of Christ

Spring 2010 – Dave Miller’s Reevaluation and Reaffirmation of Elders

Spring 2011 – An Expose Of Rubel Shelly and Randall HarrisGÇÖ

Spring 2012 – What Is The Christian Church

Spring 2012 – What Is The Salvation Army

Spring 2013 – Christ Confronted Error About The Holy Spirit

Spring 2013 – Christ Confronted Religious Traditions

Spring 2014 – Be Obedient To Faithful Elders

Spring 2016 – Direct and Immediate Leading by the Holy Spirit Distinct From the Word

Spring 2016 – Present Day Holy Spirit Baptism-á

Power Point Presentations

AD 70 Fraud

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