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These Videos Are Here To Help You Understand Some Of The False Doctrines We Face And Must Refute!


2016 CFTF Lectures – Fatal Error About The Holy Spirit


Fatal Error on Acts 2:38,39


Fatal Error on Mark 16:15-20


Fatal Error on the Promise of Holy Spirit Baptism in Matthew 3:11 and Luke 3:16


Fatal Error that the Holy Spirit is the same Person as Jesus


Fatal Error on the Nature and Purpose of Miracles


Fatal Error of being Filled with the Holy Spirit


Open Forum Thursday – Don Tarbot


Fatal Error of Present Day Holy Spirit Baptism


Fatal Error on 1 Corinthians 13:8-13


Fatal Error On Joels Prophecy in Joel 2 28-32


Fatal Error on the Work of the Holy Spirit in Drawing People to Christ


Fatal Error on John 7 37-39


Fatal Error on the Laying on of Hands of the Apostles of Christ


Fatal Error Concerning the Holy Spirit's Inspiration of the Bible Writers


Open Forum Friday – Daniel Denham


Fatal Error on John 3 5


Fatal Error of a Direct and Immediate Leading by the Holy Spirit Distinct from the Word


Fatal Error on the Doctrine of Speaking in Tongues


Fatal Error on 1 Cor. 12:13


Fatal Error of Mac Deaver on the Work of the Holy Spirit in Sanctification of the Christian


Open Forum Saturday – Michael Hatcher


Fatal Error of John Calvin Doctrine of Irresistible Grace


Fatal Error on Spiritual Gifts


Fatal Error of Special Illumination by the Holy Spirit


Fatal Error of the Work of the Spirit’s Directly on the Sinner in Conjunction with the Word




Total Depravity 1

Total Depravity 2

Total Depravity 3

Total Depravity 4

Total Depravity 5

Total Depravity 6

Total Depravity 7

What's Wrong With Hand Clapping

Religious Error Repudiated in Acts 2:22-47 (Part 1)

Religious Error Repudiated in Acts 2:22-47 (Part 2)

Religious Error Repudiated in Acts 2:22-47 (Part 3)

Religious Error Repudiated in Acts 2:22-47 (Part 4)

Religious Error Repudiated in Acts 2:22-47 (Part 5)

Religious Error Repudiated in Acts 2:22-47 (Part 6)

 Religious Error Repudiated in Acts 2:22-47 (Part 7)


 Refuting Meet Lauren King, Preaching Intern at 4th Avenue Church of Christ

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  • Debra Talmadge:

    Hi brother Miller. I just found the video section and am glad to see this. I want to use these videos in my study group, and of course, for myself. Thanks bunches for developing this webpage and this kind of information. It is truly needed.

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