The Writings of Dub McClish

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Abomination to God, An

Abortion: 43 = 59,000,000

The Pharaoh of Moses' time ordered that every male Hebrew was to be slain at birth (Exo. 1:16, 22). He is remembered in Scripture (and by all right-thinking men) as an unspeakably cruel, immoral, and evil man (Acts 7:19).…

All He Asks

Why do so many people fail in living the Christian life? While many answers have been offered, I believe there is one overriding reason that fits every case. People have failed either to understand or have been unwilling to surrender to the central requirement of faithful discipleship: Jesus must be absolutely first in our lives.

All That Matters

If one’s works are not the works God has authorized, they are all done in vain regarding God’s notice or approval (Mat. 15:9). That which God does not authorize, He does not accept or recognize.…

All or None

In an article on, Peter Heck reviewed recent statements by Rob Bell, identified with “the hipster emerging church movement.” Heck discussed Bell’s suggestion of universal salvation, which implies a denial of the existence of Hell. 

Animal "Rights" Extremes

Sadistic people visit cruel and senseless suffering on lower animal forms. Accordingly, there is a place for a voice against such. As is often the case, however, that which is good in moderation becomes bad when carried to an extreme. This has happened in the “animal rights” movement.…

Anniversary, A Gruesome

Apostles, Those Arrogant 

Apple Falls Close To The Tree



Atheist, A Virtuous

The young man was an avowed atheist. He described himself as “capable of pristine thought and speech,… moral, upstanding, conscientious, ethical, loving, and forgiving…and trying to do what is right.” He went on: “My strength of will and my concern….  

Authority, No Needed

Authorized? Is It

Awake, It is High Time To

Baptism and Jesus' Blood

With few exceptions, religious bodies professing belief in Jesus as the Christ, the only begotten of the Father, treat baptism as inconsequential. Some ignore it as if it were not in the New Testament, while others consider it “important,” but not essential to please God, with various views in between.…

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 1 

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 2

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 3

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 4 

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 5 

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 6 

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 7 

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 8 

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 9  

Baptisms of the Bible 

Basics, Emphasizing the 

Ben Franklin Spanks Tom Paine

Tom Paine was a colonial patriot, credited by some with being the “Father of the American Revolution.” He was given this moniker chiefly for his January 1776 pro-independence pamphlet, titled, Common Sense, which advocated revolution against the British crown. It quickly swept the colonies, selling 100,000 copies in three month’s time ….

Bible Roots of America

Dark and malevolent elements in our nation have led a powerful crusade in recent decades to obliterate any connection between the founding of our nation and the Bible. That the men who wrote our Bill of Rights and Constitution and who were among its earliest office-holders were men who believed….

Bible School, Why Should I Attend?

"Bye Bye Baby"

A few years ago Hayes Carll wrote “Bye Bye Baby,” a country music song lamenting a broken romance. This title would serve well for a song about the Pharaoh who ordered the death of all Hebrew baby boys (Exo. 1:16, 22; Acts 7:19). It would also fit Herod’s decree that resulted in the murder of all the baby boys in and around Bethlehem (Mat. 2:16). Even irreligious folk right-y recoil at such inhumane blood lust.

Cafeteria Theology

Does God operate a theological cafeteria? Are all of the world’s religions (e.g., Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, et al.) on His “steam table”? Is Christianity on the menu as merely one among many choices of access leading to God and salvation?…

Cain, The Way of

Cart Before the Horse, The

Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God (John 3:16), identified both the “horse” and the “cart” in regard to the respective obligations of all mankind: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second like unto it is this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself " (Mat. 22:37–39).…

Children, Disinherited

Joan Crawford, the famous movie star of several decades back, left some of her children out of her will. She was not the first to do so, nor is she likely to be the last. It is the right of parents to disinherit a child or children if they choose to do so. Let it be observed, however….

Christ, Did…Die in Vain?

Christian Sins, When a 

Christian, Who Is not a

Christians, "Born Again" 

Christian Evidences 

Christianity Comes in Cans

Are you aware that Christianity comes in cans? I am sure that I have met some people along the way who would be glad to “get some religion” if they could just get it in a small, inexpensive, easily-accessible package—like a can….

Christmas—That Time of Year Again 

Church, A Strong

Church Building, Eating in the 

Church Growth 

Church Should Have Failed, The 

Church, The New Testament

Church, The Scandal of

Church, The Work of the 

Civil Disobedience, On

Only two spheres/sources of authority exist—human and Divine: “Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s” (Mat. 22:21; cf. 21:25). Divine authority is supreme—whether or not men acknowledge it—and He will eventually exercise it utterly (Mat. 25:31–46).…

"Come Forth…."

When John heard the angel announce the impending doom of “Babylon,” another heavenly voice warned, “Come forth, my people, out of her, that ye have no fellowship with her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues” (Rev. 18:4)…. 


Compassion Fruit Juice 

Conflict Is Real, The 

Contributions You Can Make 

Conversion, Elements of

Conversion, The, of Saul of Tarsus

Saul of Tarsus is a fierce persecutor of Christians when he first appears in the New Testament record (Acts 7:58–8:3). His change from cruel crusader against the church to Jesus’ ardent advocate as the apostle Paul is one of the remarkable narratives of history, with significant implications…. 

Courage, Be of Good 


Cross, The Amazing 

Darwin, If Darwin Was Right… 

Charles Darwin was born 2 centuries ago this year (2009). Even those who reject his premises cannot deny the impact of them on mankind. A-long with the sea change Darwinian evolution….


Deities, Destructible

Denomination? Is the Church a


Denominationalism or the Church?

Thoughtful Bible students realize that denominational “churchianity” bears no resemblance to New Testament Christianity. It is not only fundamentally undenominational; it is anti-denominational…. 

Devil, Resist the

Did They Do Rightly? 

Different, Anything To Be

Digression and Division

Doctrinal Purity 

Doctrine and Unity

Elders—Their Crucial Role

Elders must meet stringent inspired qualifications before being given charge of the congregation (1 Tim. 3:1–7; Tit. 1:5–9). It is their sacred duty first to engage in self-examination, then in congregational-examination (Acts 20:28). Their responsibility is two-fold….

Ethics and Morals 

Facebook and Fellowship 

Even those who may not have a computer have likely heard of Facebook if they still read a newspaper or watch television….

Faith, Biblical

Faith and belief (in their various cognates) are among the most frequently found words and concepts in the Bible. They are also among the most misunderstood and abused Biblical words. Without controversy, the Bible requires that all who would be saved from the condemnation of sin must possess faith in God and His Son:…

Faith in the Bible 

Faith, The Bible Doctrine of—No. 1 

Faith, The Bible Doctrine of—No. 2 

Faith, The Bible Doctrine of—No. 3 

Faith, The Bible Doctrine of—No. 4 

Faith, The Bible Doctrine of—No. 5  

False Teachers, Identifying 

False Teacher! Oh for an Honest

Although many of the wolves were forced to wear sheep’s clothing (the Lord’s figure for hypocrisy and deception [Mat. 7:15–16]) for a few decades, their influence has become so pervasive….

First or Twenty-first? 

Jesus promised to build His church, which He identified as his spiritual kingdom (Mat. 16:18–19; John 18:36). Gabriel told Mary that Jesus….

Flood, Lessons from the 

Fools—Ancient and Modern 

Freckles and Hairs 

The apostle Paul’s most frequently used term in reference to the church is “the body.” In using this expression he draws on comparative features in our physical bodies. We find the fullest exposition of this analogy in 2 Corinthians 12:12–27.…

Fully Armed 

Godliness Pays

God, A "Convenient" 

God, Are Men Stronger Than? 

Is anything too hard for Jehovah?” (Gen. 18:14) anticipates a negative answer. Scripture refers to God as “Almighty” 59 times.…

God Cannot Do, Some Things 

The Bible abounds with claims of God’s omnipotence, yet because of His very nature, there are some things God cannot….

God Does Not Know, Some Things 

In numerous statements the Bible proclaims God’s omniscience—He knows all things (Rom. 11:33–34; 1 John 3:20b; et al.) In spite of these plain averments….

God, "Dumbing Down" 

In recent years, dumbing down has entered the vernacular, meaning to diminish the original effect….

God, Goodness and Severity of 

God Hath Spoken 

God Is No Respecter 

God, Rebelling Against 

God, The Nature of 

God's Care, Our Cares and 

Godspeed, Bidding 

Gospel, Thoughts on the

Grace and Moser—Misunderstood 

Grace of God, The 

Grace of God Is Exclusive, The 

Grace of God Is Inclusive, The 

Going, Things that Keep Me 

Gospel and Conflict, The  

Gospel and Subjectivism, The 

Gospel Meetings? Why Have 

Grapes of Thorns? 

Great Paradox, A 

"Grow, We Are Commanded to"

While speaking of the local church, the preacher said, “We are commanded to grow.” He immediately quoted Mark 16:15 as his proof text: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to the whole creation.”…

Heat and Light

Hell, Jesus and 

"Hell, at Last!"

To believe in Heaven is to believe in Hell, just as the Bible depicts both of them. Concerning the unrighteous and the righteous, respectively….

Here, Why Are You? 

"Here's How" 

A leaflet making the rounds purports to instruct us on the way to have “an eternal relationship with God.” The suggested four-point plan….

History, Repitition of

A century and a half ago, a few brethren who were determined to have what pleased them in religion were willing to sacrifice respect for both the statement and the silence of Scripture in order to have their idols (primarily musical instruments and separate evangelistic organizations).…

Holy Spirit Baptism 

Holy Spirit Baptism—Questions and Answers 

How Does Your Garden Grow? 

Humility and Service 

Humility, Serving in  

Inspiration, The Bible's Great Claim of 

Intellectual Snobbery 

Invitation, Offering the 

Isaiah Attitude, The 

"Is That All There Is?" 

Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller wrote a song thus titled, and Peggy Lee made a hit recording of it in 1969. Its lyrics somewhat reflected….

It Fills a Space

I have been reading church bulletins more six decades. I have served as editor of church bulletins for over five decades. At one time, the mailbox of the church where I preached received approximately 150 bulletins each week. I have literally seen almost everything there is to be seen in church bulletins.…

Jesus? Do You Love 

The apostle Paul lent significance to the question above as he wrote: “If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema…” (1 Cor. 16:22). Anathema means….

Jesus, Rejecting 

Jesus' Birth, Some Wonders of

The Biblical record of the birth of Jesus Christ notably omits the date of its occurrence, so it is appropriate to turn our thoughts to it at any season of the year. Likewise, there is no hint in the New Testament that His disciples did or should engage in any special observance of the occasion.…

Jesus' Blood Keeps on Cleansing

Jesus, When…Was Lost

Jesus' Mistaken? Was 

Jesus—More Than a Man 

One of the songs in the 1970s rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, has  Mary Magdalene singing of Him, “He’s a man, He’s just a man”….

Jesus—Our Perfect Role Model 

Either consciously or unconsciously, everyone has one or more role models whom he seeks to imitate. Jesus Christ alone has the right to be such because….

Jesus' Return, Things that Will Occur at  

Jesus' Return—When Will It Be? 

Jesus' Sake, Suffering for 

Jesus, The "Failure" of 

Jesus, The Testament of 

Jesus, The Words of 

Jesus, When, Was Lost 

Jesus, Why He Came 

Judaism Restored 

''Judge Not…" 

Land Promise, The 

Law and Love

Priscilla Jane Owens (1829–1907) penned several hymn poems, among them, “Give Me the Bible.” She wrote these lyrics in the 19th century before it became popular—even among theologians—to debunk, demote, and attempt to destroy the authority of Holy Writ.…

Let's Party 

Lie, They Believe a 

Lips, Honoring With the 

Pharisees and scribes once came to Jesus, chastising Him for not honoring the traditions of their forefathers (Mat. 15:1–2). He responded that they….

Lord's Supper, The—What Does It Commemorate? 

Lost Souls on Pentecost

The first Pentecost Day after Jesus’ ascension to Heaven found a throng in Jerusalem from “every nation under heaven” (Acts 2:5). Of that number, 3,000 obeyed the apostolic message by their confessed faith, repentance, and baptism in order to receive forgiveness of their sins (vv. 37–41).… 


Loved Her, Oh How He 

"Magic," The "Gospel" of 

Mainline or Sidetrack? 

Majority, Religion By 

Man's Image, Making God in 

Mark and Turn Away

Marriage, Man, Woman, and

Let us be straightforward: One either believes the Bible to be God’s revelation of Himself to men, or he does not. No one is forced (by God or by any human authority) to accept the Bible as such. However, one (or a religious body) ought not to profess such belief if he (it) is unwilling to accept what it teaches…. 

Marriages—Why They Fail 

Master? Who Is Your 

Members? "We" or "They"  

Membership Placement, "Automatic" 

Minister, A Good 

Miracles, The Purposes of 

Miracle? What Is a 

Miracles: Have They ceased? 

Many modern religionists claim the power to perform the same miracles and signs as those recorded in the Bible. Claiming and doing are….


"Movement in Transition"  

Murmuring at Marah  

Narrow Gate, The 

No-Fault Mentality, The 

No Thanks, Anytime 

Normal, When Abnormal Becomes

Numbers, Impressed with 

Numbers, Strength in 

Obey God, Man Must 

Ought, The Principle of 

Parental Abdication 

People Are Impressed 


Postmodernism, Early 

Prayer Pointers 

Preachers or Pastors?

Pastor" may be the word most frequently used to describe a preacher’s work (e.g., “John Smith is the pastor of the ___________ church”). This term is also used as a title of address (e.g., “Pastor John Smith will now speak”). Roman Catholics and Protestants alike thus employ the word. Does the Bible sanction this usage?…

Preachers, "Professional"  

Preaching We Need, The Kind of 

Preaching, "Balanced" 

Pride, The Wickedness of 

Put Things Right

Quit, Why Some People 

"Rapture," Thoughts on the 

"Red Flags" – No. 1 

"Red Flags" – No. 2 

"Red Flags" – No. 3 

"Red Flags" – No. 4   

"Red Flags" – No. 5 

"Relationship, Not Religion" 

Relativism, The Myth of 

Religion, Authority in

Religion, "Big Tent" 

Members of both major political parties talk about big-tent policies. By big-tent they mean inclusion of diverse views that may be contradictory to core party principles—as long as their holders vote the party ticket….

Religion by Majority

A Pew Poll of 35,000 Americans, released in June 2008, revealed some interesting statistics about religious beliefs. More than half (57%) of  “evangelicals” (strong in their belief in the Bible and in Jesus as God’s only begotten Son, right?), opined that Christianity is not the only way to Heaven…..

Religion, The "Poison" of 

Religious Pluralism 

The term "pluralism," when applied to religion, lauds diversity. Wickipedia states: “Religious pluralism holds that no single religion can claim absolute authority to teach absolute truth”…

Retirement Plan, Have You Started Your? 

Rod, The Right

Romans 10:9—A Gross Misapplication

“If thou shalt confess with thy mouth Jesus as Lord, and shalt believe in thy heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved” (Rom. 10:9). The foregoing words from the apostle Paul may be among the most frequently abused and misused in Scripture…. 

Satan and His Devices 

Satan—Our Cunning Foe 

Saved, When Is One?

There is no more important question for anyone to ponder because it involves one’s eternal destiny. One may be mistaken about his house, his job, his car, his health, mathematics, history, or any number of things, but one dare not be mistaken about this subject.… 

Science, Ignorance, and Bias

Scripture, Respect for 

Scripture, The Silence of

What is the significance of Biblical silence, or has it any significance at all? Does Scriptural silence grant freedom to act in religious matters, as many allege? Does the silence of the Bible have a prohibitive force? How shall we deal with the silence of Scripture? All such questions relate to the subject of Biblical authority ….

Scripture, The  Silence of, Sometimes Forbids 


The Bible teaches the doctrine of “separation” almost incessantly. God requires His people to recognize that they distinctly belong to Him and to behave accordingly.


Shame, The Loss of 

Sin, the Great Deceiver  

Sin, Implications of 

Only a few decades ago, the majority of US citizens acknowledged the existence of and consequences of sin….

Sin, Whatever Happened to? 

Sinful Surnames 

Small Word—Large Meaning 

Soulwinning, The Joys of 

Sounds Like Some of Us  

Spirit, Led by the 

"Spiritual Adultery" 

Spiritual Gifts, The Impartation of 

Stand Fas

Strength, Whence Our? 

Strong in the Lord 

Subjectivism, The Gospel and

Our times are characterized by religious convictions based solely upon feelings and experiences. This phenomenon has always been a trademark of Pentecostalism, but it now infects and affects all of the sects (and not a few brethren, as well). Most religionists trust their eternal destiny to no more than a vague hunch or feeling.…

Temple, Cleansing the 

That Time of Year Again

Undoubtedly, during this holiday season more people (in our culture, at least) will be thinking and talking about the birth of Jesus than at any other time of the year. We see the effect of this phenomenon in various marketing and advertising campaigns….

 The Law? What then Is 

"They Made Light of It" 

Thousand-year Reign, The             

Tolerance, On the Intolerance of 

Generally, the Bible teaches the virtues of tolerance and forbearance…. However, it is apparent that the spirit of tolerance has become so strong and so universal in our world that it has run far beyond what God either expects or permits.…

Tongues, The Gift of 

Truth, Thoughts on 

Truth, What Is?  


Vacation Time 


Watch and Resist 

Weak Weapons 

"Whatsoever a Man Soweth…" 

A bountiful, but bitter harvest of dishonor, immorality, profanity, drug/drink addiction, and cold secularism have become commonplace in our beautiful America. These behaviors extend from the powerless and poor through all intermediate levels to the wealthy….

Which Describes You? 

Whose Shall They Be? 

Will God "Understand"?

In God’s inspired Word, the Bible, He has revealed everything anyone can know about His mind and will. Either He means what He says in His Word, or He doesn’t. If He doesn’t, the Bible is merely advice that we may ignore with impunity.…

Wills and Codicils, On

Men make their wills on the basis of information available to them at the time. Conditions sometimes change that merit a change in the will. If the changes are extensive, the will is usually rewritten. However, if only a brief statement of alteration is required…

Win, Who Will?  

Word, Little—Big Meaning 

Work, Respect for 


Worship, Attendance a

Worship, Good Manners in

Worship, Involvement in 

Worship, Why Nots of

Xmas Extremes


Longer Articles

Abortion—Monstrous and Murderous

Amenable to the Law of Christ, Are Alien Sinners?

It is exceedingly strange that anyone claiming to be informed in the Word of God would deny that alien sinners are accountable to the law of Christ. However, there have been in the past and there presently are those who advocate this fatal error.…

Authority, Respect For

In every system there is a basic, core principle that largely determines the nature and operation of the whole…. In God's plan for man, the fundamental prin­ciple that overrides all others and that ap­plies to all of our human endeavors is respect for and obedience to appropriate authority.…

Balance, Is This What They Mean by?

Baptism in the New Testament

Perhaps there is no teaching of the New Testament over which more controversy has raged than the' subject of baptism. This is not the case because the New Testament is ambiguous on the subject, nor because men are incapable of understanding its teaching. As we explore this subject it shall be our premise that God is the author of baptism through the teachings of the Bible.…

Baptism—Shall We Surrender the Scriptural Purpose?

The subject of the one age-lasting baptism (Eph. 4:5; Mat. 28:19–20) has stirred discussion and controversy for centuries. Men have hotly contested various facets of the subject in countless conversations and thousands of debates. At least as early as the twelfth century men and women were brutally persecuted, even burned at the stake….

Career Women

Children, What Are They Teaching Our

Children, What Are We Teaching Them?

Christian Leader's Wife, The 

Christian Woman's Role as a Leader's Wife, The

Christian Women Are Individual

Christian Women, Practical Suggestions and Examples of

Christianity—a Militant Religion

Various circumstances have combined in recent years to put the term militant in bad company in the minds of many.  Radical and lawless left-wing political groups that provoke and engage in behavior causing personal injury and destruction of private property are rightly labeled “militant.” Their violent antics….

Compassion and Kindness, The Graces of

Among the many attractive and ennobling traits of character urged upon servants of God and followers of Christ are the twin virtues of compassion and kindness. These sweet attributes are appreciated and admired even by the uncompassionate and unkind.…

Death, Be Not Proud

Deaver Doctrine, The—Where Does It End?

Doctrine, A Strange Criterion for

Several years ago I attended a debate on the issue of marriage, divorce, and remarriage. In the debate one of the antagonists foolishly contended that adultery merely means, “breaking the marriage covenant,” rather than sexual infidelity.… A preacher friend whom I had not seen in several years was also at the debate. As we visited during an intermission, he indicated his agreement with the brother in the debate who was advocating the aforementioned erroneous and spiritually fatal position. He explained that he had adopted this view because there are so many people in the world who have been divorced and who are in second, third, or fourth marriages.…

Elders—Their Crucial Role

They [the apostles] left behind that perfected Word which is fully capable (without any direct Divine intervention or assistance) of perfecting the saints who will yield themselves to it (2 Tim. 3:16–17). However, the Head of the church also entrusted her to other human hands upon the departure of the apostles.… These men He denominated “elders,” “bishops,” “pastors.”…

Faith, A Primer on the Meaning o

There is hardly a more important subject for mankind to contemplate—and understand— than that of faith. It is a subject (and word) that men widely abuse and misuse. This misunderstanding is especially evident in faith’s relationship to obedience, salvation, and knowledge. The subject of faith is so basic that if one goes astray on it, he will do so to his own eternal condemnation.…

Finances in the Home

"First Principles," Whatever Happened to?

To speak of “first principles” in any field of endeavor is to speak of things basic, elementary, fundamental, and rudimentary. The Hebrews writer referred to “the rudiments of the first principles of the oracles of God” (Heb. 5:12). While in the context he shamed the brethren for not progressing beyond them, he certainly never advised forgetting them.… 

Forsaking the Assembly 

It is obvious that many—some who have been in the church for decades—are merely playing at the job of being Christians. One tell-tale sign is their sloppy attendance habits—or none at all—regarding the church’s worship and study assemblies.…

Fundamental Principles, Reviewing Some

The church as God planned it and as Christ built it is revealed in only one place: the New Testament. It is a Divine institution. It was no mere man—not even an angel or an archangel—who said, “I will build my church” (Mat. 16:18), and then erected it on a bloody foundation. The Son of God built the church of Christ. In this fact rests the reason why men dare not tamper with it.… 

God, Proving the Existence of 

There are only two possible positions relative to the existence of God: Either He does or He does not exist. The absolutely fundamental issue to Christians is belief in God. In the very nature of the case, Christians must believe in God:

And without faith it is impossible to be well-pleasing unto him; for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that seek after him (Heb. 11:6). 

God—Will He Change His Mind?

God has “changed His mind” on occasion (e.g., Exo. 32:7–14; Num. 14:11–20). If God never “changes His mind” about anything Deism is justified, and many of our prayers are vain. Often the very aim of our supplications is to persuade God to intervene providentially in situations that (we understand from the Bible) would not contradict His immutability.…

Good People in Bad Churches

Grace, Back to Biblical 

While Jerry and Patricia Norton were viewing the latest recorded episode of “24,” they were interrupted by a phone call. Caller ID indicated it was their neighbor, Bobby Crandall, two doors down and across the street. Jerry switched the phone to speaker mode so he and Pat could both visit with him….

Grief, Dealing with

Heart Is Missing, When the

Hell, The Shelter of

Those who faithfully preach and teach the Word must include the subject of Hell. Just as Jesus did (Mat. 10:28), we warn people about Hell and its torments….

Holy Spirit, The—How Does He Lead?

One is not a child of God, a Christian, unless he is led by the Spirit: “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God” (Rom. 8:14). How does God lead His children by means of the Holy Spirit? Most denominationalists, in their doctrinal confusion and emotionalism, are under the delusion that there is some sort of direct guidance of the Spirit in their lives.…

Humanism, Another Response on

Two recent articles in the Denton Record-Chronicle (one by Mr. Fielding (local Unitarian Church “minister”) and one by Mr. Vela (professor at University of North Texas), both appearing June 3, 1994) offered excellent examples of this strange phenomenon. While professing broad-minded, non-prejudicial, we-don’t-condemn-those-who-differ-with-us virtues for Humanists (and doubtless for themselves), their words were among the most narrow-minded, prejudicial, and hypercritical words we have read lately.…

Husband Is Not a Christian, When Your

Ignorance, Intentional

It would be difficult to exaggerate the cursed consequences of ignorance. Various prophets explicitly blamed the downfall of God’s Old Testament people on their ignorance of God and His law. God’s indictment of His people through Hosea says it all: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge….” (Hos. 4:6, emph. DM).

Inspiration of Scripture—The Ultimate Capitulation

One can hardly imagine any subject in religion but that men have capitulated the Biblical teaching on it. The mere mention of the inspiration of the Bible, the authority of Scripture, baptism, the church, repentance, worship, the Lord’s supper, the virgin birth, the Deity of Christ, the resurrection of the Lord, Heaven, Hell, and many other subjects reminds us that men have utterly abandoned the Scriptures concerning them.…

Jesus, A "Personal Relationship" with

"Journalism of Hate, The" 

The Gospel Journal (TGJ) was not begun primarily to engage in direct confrontation with either papers or persons. However, it certainly does not contradict our published editorial aims to be confrontational when occasion demands. Such an occasion has arisen and I cannot conscientiously ignore it, all the while striving to avoid even the semblance of any personal attack.…

Legalism, Law, and Love

Is obedience to Christ optional or unnecessary? Are belief in and love toward Christ the only things required of sinners to be saved? Some (the we-are-not-under-law-but-under-grace crowd) would have it so and thus teach.

Lord's Table, Praying at the

Love, Prove the Sincerity of Your

Man of Sin, Who or What Is the —2 Thessalonians 2:3–4?

Who or what is the “Man of Sin"? Is he a specter of the past, is he yet to appear, or is he presently stalking the earth? The Thessalonians apparently understood this passage. Its specific application has been more or less enigmatic to every generation from the second century forward. There are comments extant on this passage beginning with the early post-Biblical ecclesiastical authors.… 

Man or the Plan Discussion, The, Revisited

In the early 1960s I was a young preacher, not long out of Abilene Christian College. I well remember the lively brotherhood discussion of the Man or the plan controversy (actually, it might be better styled, the Man instead of the plan). It arose from the accusation made by some brethren that preachers had generally been too “negative” and “dogmatic”…

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage—Is Matthew 19:3–12 Really so Hard to Understand?

Until about forty years ago divorce was almost universally stigmatized, and it was difficult to obtain apart from the cause of adultery. Then the social engineers did their work.…

Matthew 19:9, Is, a Part of the Law of Christ?


Micaiah—Lessons from a Little Known Prophet

We call the twelve authors of the short prophetic books “minor prophets.” In actuality there are no minor prophets among those who have been faithful to God. Not all of God’s prophets wrote their messages for posterity and we know almost nothing about some of them except a brief mention of their faithful work. Among these little-known, non-literary prophets was Micaiah, concerning whom we have a scant twenty-one verses (1 Kin. 22:8–28; repeated in 2 Chr. 18:7–27). 

Misconceptions, Some Sad and Serious

The brother responded forthrightly, which I appreciate. However, his response reveals some woeful misconceptions concerning some crucial subjects. It also reveals anything but the “irenic” attitude of which most liberals boast.…

Motherhood, The Responsibility of

During the years when her children are young, motherhood is the Christian woman’s number one job, after her duties to her husband. If she fails, entire generations will be affected, and the sad results will be perpetuated. This is not to say the responsibility is altogether hers,…

Needs, Recognizing Our Own

Pentecost, Those Who Were Lost on

…If Acts 2 tells us the conditions upon which sinners were and are saved (as it certainly does), it also, by implication, tells us why some remained in their lost condition after the events of that historic occasion. It is quite likely that many folk in that crowd who heard the apostles preach had their own ideas about salvation, just as millions do now…. 

Pentecostalism, Consequences of

Persecution, The Christian and

Perseverance of the Saints Error, Answering the

Plea for the Plea, A

There is no more exciting and thrilling ideal to those who hunger and thirst for ultimate Truth than that of being a part of the church of the Bible. The incomparable objective of restoring the church of Christ was necessitated by centuries of apostasy followed by earnest but doomed-to-fail attempts at mere correction of the evil monster of Rome and its apostate ancestors.…

Politics and Religion—Parallels

Some general parallels are obvious between the political and religious landscapes. Professed believers in God, the Bible, and the Christ are also divided along the lines of the “right” and “left” dichotomy that is observable in politics. This conservative-liberal division is quite apparent in both the Roman Catholic Church and in Protestant Denominationalism (with pronounced liberal dominance in the latter).…

Prayer, Jesus in

Prayer, Practical Suggestions on

Prayers, God's Responses to Our

Preachers and Preaching—an Overview

A man who is dedicated through-and-through to God and His Word will not find a more rewarding life’s work than preaching the Gospel. I speak not of monetary rewards, for the Lord knows (as do most who have preached very long) that many congregations still expect maximum labor for minimum pay.…

Preacher's Wife, The

Principles by Which To Live

Reasoned Conclusions Valid, Are?

In one of the periodicals published by…brethren who have made shipwreck of the faith,…the writer apologizes for ever having taught such "garbage" as the distinction between generic and specific commands, the "mythical" (as he views it) necessary inference, and assertion that some examples are binding and others are not… (Integrity, March, 1970, p. 151). This author's reasoned conclusion that the application of reason in arriving at valid conclusions is invalid….

Same Subjects—New Applications

I am often impressed with a striking phenomenon: Several of the Biblical principles which I fervently preached then to those who were outside of Christ are the very principles which we must now aim directly at our errant brethren. We will do well to review some of these dual application principles.…

Scripture, The Best-known Verse of

Scripture All-Sufficiency and Miracles

Among other things that love, grace, faith, elect, and miracle have in common is that they are all words that have been “wordnapped,” redefined, and misused. Miracle is loosely used in reference to a spectacular catch in the end zone of a football game, a person who somehow escaped the wrath of a tornado, or to the providential answer to prayer.… 

Small Things Can Become Great

Long ago Zechariah cautioned us not to despise “the day of small things” (Zec. 4:10). If a cup of cold water is all we have to give, and we give it with love, we will not lose our reward (Mat. 10:42). Jesus said that he who would be great should be the servant of all (Mark 9:35; 10:44).… 

Spiritual Anticlimaxes

An anticlimax is a reversal of direction, thought, or status from the superior to the inferior or from the sublime to the ridiculous. In our days of modern, well-equipped, and technologically advanced automobiles, the suggestion that we return to traveling by horse and buggy would be an anticlimax. The behaviors of people in religious matters frequently demonstrate this phenomenon.… 

Stand Fast or Compromise

Tradition, The Truth About

True, Too Good To Be

When the women who discovered the empty tomb of the Lord brought the news back to the apostles, they were at first incredulous, labeling it “idle talk” (Luke 24:8–11)…. Luke then records their reaction: “They…disbelieved for joy, and wondered… (v. 41)…. In other words, the Lord’s resurrection seemed “just too good to be true!”…

Women Leaders, Examples of

Worship Etiquette—Some Suggestions

Worship, Malachi, Liberals, and

Major Manuscripts

Anti-ism, The History of

The Lord’s church has likely never been immune to extremes. Every extreme position among God’s people, from the apostolic era to the present, revolves basically around the two opposite philosophies, commonly designated “liberalism” and “anti-ism.” …

Assembly, Not Forsaking the

Assembly, The Nature of the, in 1 Corinthians 14:26–40?

Balance, A Sudden and Curious  Emphasis on

Baptism, What the Bible Teaches About

The subject of baptism has long been one of controversy, especially in respect to its purpose and its action. I suppose that uninspired men have written at least hundreds of books and millions of words about baptism. Many of these things we could read to our profit, but those works will not be the subject of this study. Rather, we are going to study….

Bible Examples—Are They Binding?

Bible, The Inspiration of the

Calvinism and neo-Calvinism in the Church of Christ

Although there is an obscure Protestant philosophy dating from about a century ago called “Neo-Calvinism,” this is not the general connotation of this term among the Lord’s people nowadays. By referring to “Neo-Calvinism,” we describe various ones with whom we may have once been in fellowship, but who have for some time been slouching toward some of the tenets of strict Reformation Calvinism…. 

Captivity, The, in the Major Prophets

The captivity of God’s covenant people of the Old Testament is one of the saddest chapters of all history. Never was an obscure race of men so marvelously blessed of God, and never did one squander it all on such an equally grandiose scale. Israel had every imaginable advantage.…

Christ, Confidence in

Church Discipline, Corrective

Church History, A Half Century of—How We Got Where We Are

My grandfather (an elder for forty years in central Texas) or even my father (whose more than thirty years of preaching ended in 1966) would not believe their eyes and ears were they to be “beamed down” into some present-day assemblies that still masquerade under the designation, Church of Christ. They would surely believe that someone had placed a Church of Christ sign on these buildings by mistake or as a prank.… 

Church, The Lord's, and the Denominations Contrasted

Depending upon which Internet source one consults, he will find various figures for the number of distinct denominations in existence (e.g., 34,000, 38,000, 40,000)…. We must therefore deal with some broad principles that demonstrate this distinction….

Church Discipline, Corrective

The church cannot be what it should be, maintaining its moral and doctrinal purity, its Christ-pleasing unity, and fulfilling its God-given work, without the Scripture-mandated practice of corrective discipline. Likely no Scriptural injunction has been more neglected in the church of Christ over the years than this directive.…

Church of Christ, Surprising Things About the

People who are not familiar with the church of Christ frequently express surprise upon learning of some point of doctrine or some practice that is peculiar to it. When we produce the Scriptural evidence to which a given doctrine or practice conforms and which the Word of God demands, we often hear expressions such as, "I never heard that before,' or "I didn't know that was in the Bible." These expressions of surprise…

Deacons and Deaconesses—A Study of—1 Timothy 3:8–13

Every Christian is to be a "deacon" in this general sense (I.e.., a willing servant of God and men [Mark 10:43; John 12:26]). However, there is a specific use of the term in the New Testament in reference to certain members of the church. This is made clear by the list of qualifications for those called “deacons” immediately after those of bishops (1 Tim. 3:1–7).…

Dispensations of Time

Time relates to each human being in a very personal way because from one’s birth until his death constitutes all of his “time.” … The other facet of time is the long view that embraces the interval from the beginning point of the material creation to the end of it. This is “time in the aggregate,” including all that will eventually take place between those two epochal boundaries. It is not an interruption between two eternities, but simply a “parenthesis” in the one eternity.

Elders, The Authority of

However, parallel to “anti-authority,” “anti-establishment” philosophy of the 1960s among many worldlings, there has been an even louder cry from within the church against the authority of elders.…:

What authority do elders have over their flocks which that flock does not willingly give them? None!… Did any of us ever consider where we get New Testament authority for elders making decisions?… We are of the opinion that questions are safer in the hands of the “church” than in the hands of any ship…. None of the qualities mentioned in either Timothy or Titus have to do with decision-making.…

Elders, The Reevaluation/Reaffirmation of

A brother who champions the "reaffirmation" of elders based upon periodic "reevaluation" of them began a manuscript on the subject as follows: "The reaffirmation of elders is new ground for most congregations. It is an uncharted course—a path not traveled. Few congregations have had any experience with reaffirmation.”…

Elders and Deacons, The Responsibility of, to Keep the "Unity of the Spirit"

More than any other group of men, whether considered on a congregational basis or in the church as a whole, elders are in a position to promote and preserve the pure faith and the unity and peace among brethren, both on the local level and throughout the church as a whole.…

Emotionalism Versus Proper Emotions

The Bible student immediately recognizes the validity of emotion in Christianity in such terms as joy, sorrow, fear, hate, love, and even anger. These all have their part in the thinking and behavior of Christians.  Emotion is also related to such elements as sincerity and enthusiasm. However, another term in the definitions that catches our attention is “feelings.”…

Ezra, a Model for Every Servant of God

Ezra lived during Judah’s period of captivity in Babylon in the fifth century B.C. He led a group of Jews back to Judea from their land of captivity in about 457 B.C. He rose to considerable prominence in a pagan court (Ezra 7:6, 11-28), after the manner of Joseph, Moses, Esther, Nehemiah, and Daniel.…

Faith and Works, The Dual Requirements of—James 2:14–26

These verses on the interrelationship of faith and works at once comprise one of the best-known and most controversial sections of the epistle of James. The very way in which James approached this subject implies that it was also one of considerable controversy in the first century. Protestant denominationalism has largely ignored this section of Scripture because it is one of supreme embarrassment to it. To a great degree this predominant attitude may be traced to Martin Luther, the sixteenth century reformer.…

Faithfulness Depends on Knowlege of Church History, Current Events in the Church, and of World Events Impacting the Church

One must be either a spiritual babe and/or grossly misguided to believe that knowledge of these areas of information [i.e., church history, current events in the church, and world events impacting the church] is unimportant to one’s faithfulness to the Christ. Undeniably, a major factor in the extensive apostasy the church has suffered over the past six decades has been that so many brethren have failed to inform themselves in one or more of these areas…. 

Fellowship, The Divine Nature and

Fellowship Compromises in the Church of Christ, A Response to

Since the establishment of the church, God’s faithful people in it have been a holy nation under siege by a world of allied forces consisting of atheism, humanism, paganism, hedonism, and denominationalism. Satan will not cease his opposition to the God-beloved and blood-bought church of Christ until he is finally cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, there to be forever confined (Rev. 20:10).…

Fornication and Adultery—Moral Issues We Face

In the beginning God created mankind, made them “male and female,” and commanded them to “be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” (Gen. 1:27–28).… “And the man knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain” (4:1a; cf. v. 25). That Adam “knew” Eve is a reference to their sexual union, the means by which they began the perpetual process of fruitfulness and multiplication of humankind God had ordered.… The foregoing statements make it evident that God created us with sexual instinct and appetite and with the ability to fulfill it.…

Genesis 3:1–24, An Exposition of

No one can successfully deny that all but the briefest beginning of the history of humanity is one long tale of wickedness and woe, suffering and sin. The Bible is a book about sin and a Savior. But exactly when did this miserable condition begin, and how did this sad state of affairs come to be, from which mankind needed salvation?…

God, The Foreknowledge of

The foreknowledge of God is one of those facets of His attributes that has ever intrigued men in their limited capacities. The Bible, which is God’s revelation of Himself, undeniably and frequently affirms, argues, and illustrates the case that God possesses this amazing trait. (Thus He obviously wanted mankind to know that absolute foreknowledge is innate to Godhood.)… 

God's Existence, Two Classic Arguments for

"Grace-Only"—Moser's Books Reviewed

Guilt by Association?

Is it valid for voters to question candidates for the office of President of the United States about their close associates? In the 2008 presidential campaign this question came to the fore, especially concerning Barrack Obama. His twenty-year membership in the extreme racist and anti-American Jeremiah Wright’s Chicago church….

Hagar—The Bondwoman Who Was Cast Out

God first promised in Genesis 12:1–3 that He would make a great nation of Abram. Abram’s wife Sarai (also his half-sister, 20:12) was a beautiful woman (an attribute that at times brought him worry as well as joy—12:10–20; 20:1–18), but she was barren.

Heaven, What Is, Worth to Us?

Hell, Did Jesus Believe in?

Hell has fallen on hard times. The most frequent reference to it nowadays is as a term of cursing, swearing, or intensification of expression. Others use it in a weak attempt at levity: “I want to go to Hell; after all, that’s where all my friends will be.” …

Hermeneutics, The New

Higher "Christian" Education—What Parents Have a Right to Expect of

That all of the schools (including “preacher training” schools, colleges, universities, and graduate schools) were initially founded in order to have a strong influence on brethren, and therefore on the churches of which they were members, is apparent on the surface. This effect on congregations is commendable as long as (and only as long as) a school remains true to the Faith.…

Holy Spirit, The, How Does He Convict Today?

One comes away after reading or hearing the…treatise convinced of two things, apart from agreeing or disagreeing with its content: Its author believes that (1) the Holy Spirit operates directly—in addition to His work through providence and through the agency of His Word—to convict and convert sinners and that (2) the Word alone is unable and insufficient to convict and convert the sinner.…

Holy Spirit, The Gift of the, What Is?

Good, able, scholarly, sincere brethren through the years have held—and many presently hold—that the Holy Spirit “dwells” in the Christian only figuratively; that is, He does not actually and personally dwell in us, but only “representatively.” … However, good, able scholarly, sincere brethren through the years have held—and many presently hold—that the Holy Spirit Himself actually dwells in the Christian, rather than only doing so through some agent (e.g., His Word, His “influence,” et al.).…

Holy Spirit, The, Sanctification, and Sinless Perfection

The denominational world has taken an assumed meaning of sanctification and built around it the false doctrine of sanctification unto sinless perfection, often referred to as "entire sanctification." This alleged "sanctification” is distinct from anything that occurs at the time of conversion, according to the doctrine.…

Home, Building up the Church Through the

Of the three institutions ordained by God—the church, civil government, and the home—the home is the oldest. Its stability and health (or lack thereof) fundamentally affect the stability and health of the two other institutions. God created the first home when he created Adam and then Eve and brought them together in a Divine “wedding ceremony” (Gen. 2:21–22)…. 

Hymn Study—"All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name"

Every hymn that has survived has a history and a story behind it although many of   these stories have been lost even if the hymn has survived. Fortunately, the backgrounds of many, if not most, of the best-known Gospel songs and hymns have been researched and preserved by various historians. These histories make for interesting and sometimes inspiring reading.?…

Intertestamental Period, The

From the ending of Old Testament history and prophecy to the opening words of Matthew’s Gospel account in the New Testament spans about four centuries. Historians have described…as “the four hundred silent years,” “the period of silence,” “the interval between the Old and New Testaments,” “interbiblical history,” “from Malachi to Christ,” and likely others…. 

Isaiah 63–64—God's Vengeance and Mercy; Israel's Prayer for Mercy

In general, it is accurate to think of the book of Isaiah as dealing with both history and prophecy relative to the nation of Israel, its relationship to Jehovah/God, and the promise of the coming Messiah. In a larger context, however, Isaiah's writings may be seen as having relevance for God's people in any time period….

Isaiah 65:17—The "New Heavens and a New Earth"

Jehovah promised through Isaiah, near the close of his great book, the following: “For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind” (Isa. 65:17). The Lord had Isaiah repeat this prophecy in almost the closing words of his oracle….

Jeremiah 1:4–10, Exposition of

The sad fact is that the church at the close of the twentieth century contains a large and growing number of congregations that do not want and will not long tolerate a preacher who preaches what the Bible plainly says on a host of subjects and who takes longer than twenty minutes to do so. By their own foolish and carnal requirements, they would not knowingly let Jeremiah (to say nothing of John the Baptizer, Paul, Stephen, or even the Lord Himself) within ten miles of their pulpits! 

Jeremiah, God's Commission to

Few Old Testament characters equal and none surpass the prophet Jeremiah’s devotion to Jehovah God (McClish, 41–60). His refusal to compromise the message God commissioned him to preach to Jerusalem’s stiff-necked apostates in the face of brutal and terrifying persecution is worthy of the grandest admiration and emulation.…

Jesus' I Am Statements in John

The subject of this manuscript involves Jesus’ employment of strong and vivid metaphors. John recorded seven metaphorical statements of the Lord in which He conveyed not only His Deity, but also His all-sufficiency to supply the direst needs of humanity. In each of these He declared, “I am the…” and then named an entity to convey some facet of His nature, function, or ability.…

Joshua—Conqueror of Canaan

The only reason Joshua was not the greatest man of his time is because he was contemporary with Moses. None would question that he and Moses were the two principal characters of their era. We know little of Joshua’s ancestry…

Josiah, the Royal Restorer

Josiah’s reign is recorded in 2 Kings 22–24 and 2 Chronicles 34–35. He was the sixteenth king of Judah after the division of the united Kingdom of Israel in the tenth century B.C. He is one of the most remarkable kings of Judah from several perspectives

Judgment, A Study of the Final

It is not possible to correctly conceive of man's relationship to God while ignoring or denying the reality of man's accountability to God. The fact that the Scriptures exist as the revelation of God's will for man and that they insist that man must be obedient to the Divine will necessarily implies a time of accounting….

Liberalism and Anti-ism—Two Erroneous Extremes

History reveals that men are susceptible to extremes in almost every arena of thought and behavior. This is no more clearly demonstrable than in the field of religion…. The Lord’s church has been plagued by extremes from time to time. Every extreme position from the day of the apostles to the present revolves around the two opposite extremes generally designated “liberalism” and “anti-ism.”…

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage: Civil or Divine Law? McClish-Whitten Discussion

I do not know precisely how long ago I came to the conclusions you find so “disconcerting,” but it was well over 20 years, which is likely longer ago than some of those you named have held them. Believe it or not, it is still possible (even for a light-weight such as I) to arrive at conclusions concerning Scripture through my own study.… 

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage, Christ Confronts Error About

Among the subjects upon which the Lord confronted enemies of the Truth was that of marriage, divorce, and remarriage. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus issued some basic principles regarding this subject: “But I say unto you, that every one that putteth away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, maketh her an adulteress: and whosoever shall marry her when she is put away committeth adultery” (Mat. 5:32).…

Matthew, the Man, A Study of

It is ironic that Matthew is one of the most familiar names of all of the personalities of the New Testament, yet there is only a smattering of biographical information about him available to us. The sparsity of material about the life of this well-known apostle illustrates the fact that the Scriptures never seek merely to satisfy human curiosity.…

Moral Decisions, Principles for Making

Another chapter in this book confidently asserts the existence of an absolute moral standard and that the Bible is that standard, to which I fully subscribe. The material in this chapter acknowledges that proffered standard, the Bible, as the infallible and absolute standard of right and wrong, and the only inerrant and objective standard. Its impeccability lies in the fact that it is from God rather than from a mere man or men….

Morals in an Immoral Age

It is no secret to those of us who have lived a few decades that our nation has suffered a catastrophic decline in moral principle and behavior over this span. Those who are 20 or fewer years old are incapable of fully recognizing this decay, because its onslaught was well underway when they discovered America—they have known little different.…

Moses, The Great Man of God

We should not wonder, then, that even confirmed ignoramuses in all things Biblical are quite likely to know the name of Moses and perhaps a fact or two about his life. He is just that much of a historical giant, not only in Biblical history, but also in all history.…

Music, Instrumental— Aid or Addition?

"One Faith," The

Obedience, Biblical, A Study of

From almost the first page of the Bible, and certainly to the last, God’s Word sets before us the necessity of obedience to God. This is so much so that we can say without fear of successful contradiction that the principal unrelenting theme of the Bible from beginning to end is that man must obey God or suffer dire consequences.…

Parables, Jesus Teaches in

While parabolic teaching certainly did not originate with Christ, it cannot be denied that He elevated this figure of speech to unprecedented heights of beauty and potency. His reasons for beginning to teach in this manner are explained in some detail in verses 10–17.…    

Pentecostalism, The Destructive Consequences of

A new surge of belief in modern-day miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit began in the 1960s. It has been labeled “Neo-Pentecostalism.” The “old” Pentecostalism was generally given little respect by Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox sects. It was usually associated with….

Persecution, The Christian and

The persecution of the righteous began in the shadow of the Garden of Eden as righteous Abel was slain by his jealous brother Cain because Abel’s “works were righteous” (Gen. 4:3–8; 1 John 3:12). Persecution of the righteous continued throughout Old Testament history. The prophets of God were treated in especially brutal and shameful ways as they fulfilled their God-given tasks. 

Philippians 3:1–2—Warnings About Dogs

When compared to the Corinthian epistles or to the respective letters to the Galatians, Timothy, or Titus, the letter to the Philippians is written in mild terms. The reason for this is not hard to discover. There were severe, catastrophic problems threatening the very existence of the churches involved in the aforementioned letters….

Philippians 3:1–11—Losing All Things To Gain Christ

When compared to the Corinthian epistles or to the respective letters to the Galatians, Timothy, or Titus, the letter to the Philippians is written in mild terms. The reason for this is not hard to discover. There were severe, catastrophic problems threatening the very existence of the churches involved in the aforementioned letters, and Paul had to address those problems directly.…

Preaching? What Is Appropriate

To ask what is appropriate in preaching is to imply that some behaviors and messages are appropriate, while others may be inappropriate. Our task is to discover and emphasize what Gospel preaching involves.…"

Premillennialism Is Fatal Error

Premillennialism and the Second Coming of Christ

The Second Coming of Christ is one of the most persistent themes of the New Testament, with scarcely a book thereof omitting it.… the vast majority of professed believers in God, His Son, and the Bible have been ensnared by wild speculations about the “what,” “when,” “why,” and even the “where” of Christ’s return. These theories are part of the system of theology generally called “Premillennialism.”…

"Prophesy Ye Not"

Micah was God’s prophet in Judah to those outside of Jerusalem, but his message was both to Samaria and Jerusalem (i.e., Israel and Judah).… Micah prophesied the fall of both Israel (1:6–7) and Judah (3:12) and that Judah would be taken to Babylon (4:10).…  Micah and his message from God were not generally welcomed: The people had their own message for him: “Prophesy ye not” (2:6a).…

Psalms 119—Tribute to Jehovah's Word

None who love and revere the Word of God can fail to be fascinated by the psalm’s incessant exaltation of the law of Jehovah….

Realized Eschatology and Acts 2:29–36

Some may be curious about why an exposition of a portion of the Pentecost sermon belongs to a study, the purpose of which is to refute and expose the theological creed known as “Realized Eschatology.” (Make no mistake; this dogma is not merely two or three strange doctrinal positions. It is as much a system of theology as Calvinism or dispensational premillennialism—and is just as deadly to the soul.…

Realized Eschatology and Daniel 12

I caution the reader not to consider “Realized Eschatology” as merely a “doctrine.” It is far more. It is a system of theology every bit as much as dispensational premillennialism and Calvinism are. Just as the 1,000-year passages in Revelation 20 constitute the “tail” that wags the entire premillennial “dog,” so the AD 70 destruction of Jerusalem wags the whole “Kingism” dog…..

Restoration Plea, The Validity of the—A Critical Review of Illusions of Innocence

Illusions of Innocence is the title of a book written by Richard T. Hughes and C. Leonard Allen…. The book title implies both their thesis and their conclusion: Restoration is a mere illusion, and only the innocent (read ”naïve”) attempt it or believe they can accomplish it. The authors thus sit upon their thrones of superior knowledge and wisdom, and from elitist ivory towers of academe look with condescension on those of us who deny both their thesis and conclusion….

Restoration Principle, What Is the—Is It Scriptural?

Our title is composed of two questions. The first of these seeks definition of the “restoration principle.” Permit me to illustrate this definition by means of an automobile “allegory.” Automobiles have intrigued me since childhood. I learned to drive in a 1938 Ford pickup (it rolled off the assembly line the same year I discovered America).…

Restored, Has the New Testament Church Been?

It has become popular among numerous religious elitists to guffaw at the very suggestion that the original church has been restored to its pristine state in modern times. Such scoffers utter a resounding “no” in answer to the question of our title, believing that only Neanderthal nincompoops would even entertain the notion….

Romans 16—A Commentary

Romans 16 is one of the most completely personal sections to come from the pen of Paul or from that of any inspired writer. Of its twenty-seven verses eighteen of them relate to per­sonal commendations, greetings to those in Rome, or greetings being sent to Rome from various ones who knew Paul was writing the letter.…

Salvation, Plan of: McClish-Clark Exchange

Dear Sir, I am not trying to offend but am writing because of a concern I have about the CoC [Church of Christ]. Sinners, confronted with their need of salvation, frequently stumble over the simplicity of the salvation which God offers.…

Scripture, Respecting the Silence of

Along with their demonstrable general disrespect for the authority of Scripture, a major tactic of these ”new hermeneutic” apostates has been the destruction of respect for the silence of Scripture. They know that only by eliminating (if possible) adherence to this necessary hermeneutical principle will they be able to accomplish fully their wicked intent….

Scriptures, Some Commonly Misapplied

The goal of honest and earnest Bible students is to ascertain what the Scriptures actually teach. It must always be our desire to make sure that we are not drawn too quickly to what a passage seems to say before we are certain that it does in fact say what it sounds like it says.…


Sin, The Man to Whom God will not Reckon—Exposition of Romans 5:6–8

No more significant subject can be contemplated and researched, because involved in identifying those “to whom the Lord will not reckon sin” and the means by which this is accomplished is the key to both initial and continued forgiveness of the guilt of sin and eventual salvation from the eternal consequences of sin…. 

Singing, Building up the Church Through

Synecdoches, Recognizing and Interpreting 

Temptation, Overcoming

In the drama of life, temptation is a real and ever-present factor for the Christian. Perhaps even those persons who have no conscience are sometimes tempted, if only to do something honorable and decent occasionally!…

Unity in (Spite of) Diversity

Withdraw Fellowship, A Congregation may, from Other Congregations

Word, God Hath Spoken the Living

From his Roman prison cell, Paul wrote concerning the Gospel, “Wherein I suffer hardship unto bonds, as a malefactor; but the Word of God is not bound” (2 Tim. 2:9). Paul thus recognized the incomparable glory and power of God’s Word. Men may imprison the messenger of God, but they cannot imprison the message.…

Worship, Shall We, in Truth or by Tradition?


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Roman Catholicism—Lest We Forget…

The news media gave wall-to-wall coverage to the illness and recent death (April 2, 2005) of John Paul II, the Roman Catholic Pontiff. I do not recall hearing anything, whether from local or national radio, television, or newspaper coverage, that did not praise him. Without controversy, he was an international figure and wielded great influence…

Boston/Crossroads Movement—A Critical Review of 3 Rs of Urban Church Growth

In 1981, a brother in Christ, Alvin Jennings, owner of Star Bible Publications, Inc., wrote and published a book titled, 3 R’s of Urban Church Growth. This book raised many eyebrows, including those of the venerable G.K. Wallace. Brother Wallace wrote a withering review of some of the major errors advocated in this book, charging that it contained elements of ….

Isaiah 2–4—Jerusalem from Three Perspectives

In Isaiah 1 the prophet unleashed numerous denunciations of God’s people that spanned the reigns of Uzziah through Hezekiah.… In chapters 2–4 Isaiah described Jerusalem from three perspectives. He first presents the perfected Jerusalem in its final, spiritual state (2:1–4), followed by a description of the polluted city he saw all about him as he wrote (2:5–4:1), and finally, he set forth the purified city (4:2–6).…

Work of the Church, What Is the?

Several years ago a family visited the Lord’s day morning assembly where I preached. In conversation with them afterward they asked some questions: “What sort of program do you have for teenagers? Do you take them on skiing trips and have other such activities for them?” It was their first—and last—visit. They did not like my answer….

Denominationalism or the Church?

Thoughtful Bible students realize that denominational “churchianity” bears no resemblance to New Testament Christianity. It is not only fundamentally undenominational; it is anti-denominational. Men have so long lived with the abnormality of denominationalism that they almost universally accept it as “normal” (i.e., Scriptural, for those who may still bother with such trivialities).…

Scriptural Pragmatism

Our English word "pragmatic" generally connotes that which is practical, that which “gets the job done,” sometimes to the exclusion of reasonable or artistic considerations. When I was a youngster growing up on a central Texas ranch (before the advent of duct tape), baling wire was the remedy for a wide variety of problems and emergencies. Its use sometimes defied reason, and always art, but it “worked” for everything from mending fences to repairing a muffler on a truck.… 

Evolving Standards

The Associated Press began a news story a few years ago as follows:

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday [March 1, 2005] that the Constitution forbids the execution of killers who were under 18 when they committed their crimes, ending a practice used in 19 states. 

Much could be (and is being) said concerning whether or not the ruling itself makes sense and is in the best interest of our nation…. 

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